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Lead Generation: Lead Magnets and Sources

Lead generation content, called lead magnets or gated content, are beneficial resources you offer a potential client in exchange for information (such as an email address).

A fundamental principle is creating successful lead generation content that appeals to your target audience. To do this, you want to establish a buyer persona. We briefly touched on the buyer persona in blog two of this series, The Journey Blog. Now let’s elaborate more on this topic.

What is a buyer persona?

A fictional representation of your ideal client or target audience. You are painting a picture of your perfect client and what drives them to your product or service. Here are some of the attributes you should include in your buyer persona:

  • Biographical info

    • Business Title

    • Age

    • Gender

    • Income

    • Location

    • Profession

    • Family (for example married, single, children)

  • Values or ambitions

    • Goals

    • Hopes

    • Ambitions the client wants to achieve

  • Pain points

    • What are the problems they need to solve?

    • What are their struggles?

    • What questions do they need answered?

  • Role in the buyer journey

    • Does the potential client have the final say in purchasing?

    • Do they need to consult a boss or spouse?

  • Objections to your product

    • Do they have complaints about your product or service?

    • What is the reason for their objection?

Once you have established your buyer persona, you can move forward with creating the perfect content to attract leads to your product or service. It’s crucial to remember that you need to create content that accommodates your audience.

How do you create lead magnets that will attract your audience?

The best lead magnets will:

  • Solve a real problem

  • Promise your lead can quickly achieve something

  • Show specificity and convert potential leads

  • Be quick and easy for your lead to digest

  • Have a high perceived value to leads

  • Be instantly accessible

  • Demonstrate your expertise or your unique value proposition

Your business goals and objectives will drive the content you use for your lead magnets. Go to the MLC Expert Consulting resource page to learn valuable ideas to help create the perfect content for your potential leads.

Now that you have created your lead magnet, what comes next?

It would be best to determine what lead sources (distribution channels) you will utilize to get your content in front of your target audience. A lead source is any marketing channel that generates a reliable flow of leads. It’s how your target audience first finds your service or product.

Clutch and R2i completed an Enterprise Marketing Survey in 2016, and they determined that businesses use eight different marketing channels on average or lead sources to gain clients. Every business should tailor its lead sources to attract its target audience. Your buyer persona, products/services, and business goals will determine how you utilize each lead source.

Let’s talk about several essential lead sources you should consider utilizing for your business.

Blog posts and articles

High-quality blog content is a great way to generate leads. It brings people to your site and makes you an expert on specific topics.

Video content

Create videos based on the same ideas as your written content, making sure you solve your leads’ questions. You will get more attention and engagement using videos instead of static images. If the video is part of the blog, make sure you include a comment section so you can engage with viewers and answer their questions. If the video is located on a different platform (YouTube), make sure you specify the location by providing a link and include a comment section on that platform.

Social media posts

Social media posts help you combine blogging and targeted ads into one platform and spread your business across many platforms.


Podcasts are a popular way to pull leads into your content and allow them to retrieve it automatically or when it fits into their schedule. It can be an entry point for leads to engage with your brand and turn listeners into leads and leads into customers.


Creating information with graphics to help explain the data. Colorful visuals increase people’s desire to read your content and can influence them to give up their contact information.


Using high-quality professional photos with your content can double your views. People are typically more drawn to images than product descriptions. Make sure you take the time to choose the right pictures to add value to your content.

Email marketing

Email Marketing is a practical, reliable, and affordable way to generate leads because it allows you to nurture your leads by building trust and personal relationships.


This method is a way to engage with potential clients who might not know about your product. Outbound lead generation methods include cold calls, direct mailing, and social selling. It is also beneficial to personalize and target specific people to help convert cold leads more effectively.

Purposeful copywriting

In your copywriting, you want to ensure you address your target market’s challenges and goals. Your message should center around your audience and not what you sell. Addressing your leads’ problems will help you grab their attention.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Use keywords to help drive people to your website and content.

PPC (pay per click)

You can run paid ads through FB, Google search, and ad networks to grow your target audience if you know your perfect buyer persona.

Lead magnet

Lead magnets allow you to give away downloadable content to gather relevant contact information. Examples include trial subscriptions, free consultations, white papers, and e-newsletters.

Remember that traffic and leads work hand in hand; you need to generate traffic to your site before generating any leads. For more information on lead generation content and sourcing, visit our website. If you would like MLC Expert Consulting to help you create quality content to attract leads, call us at 843.819.0103 or message us through our website.

Lead Generation: Lead Content and Lead Sources

Lead Content and Lead Sources (4 of 5)
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