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SEO-Keyword Research and Optimization (Blog 3 of 6)

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Hopefully you have read the first two blogs on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Reputation Management. Each of the blogs in this series dives into the various tactics you can utilize to give your business an advantage in ranking higher on search engine pages.

Keyword research is the foundation of your SEO strategy. It involves researching and analyzing popular search terms people type into search engines for services, products and information, and then strategically utilizing them in your content so you rank higher on the search engine results page. The goal is to make sure your content is easily searchable, relevant to your client and ahead of your competitors.

Defining your goal will provide you direction for your SEO plan.

Keywords are the connection between what people are searching for and the content you are providing to fill their need. It’s vital that you spend time determining the words your clients are using to search for answers online. Implementing those keywords into your content helps you attract clients and grow your business. Finding high-volume search terms is not the end goal. It’s important to make sure the SEO keywords you choose match the words that your clients are using in their searches.

How do you do Keyword Research?

The first step in the keyword research process is to create a buyer persona, by identifying your target audience and understanding how they think. As you brainstorm keyword ideas think about the questions your users are asking. It’s also helpful to talk to your existing clients or possibly survey them to better understand what resonates with them. What words are they using to describe your brand/service/product? Another way to get a perspective of your potential client is by looking at your competition to determine what keywords they are using to draw in their clients.

Defining your goal will provide you direction for your SEO plan. The keywords you choose should be aligned to your goals. Once you have determined your goals break them into smaller topics related to your brand, making sure they are important to your business and related to your buyer persona. With all this information you can now develop a list of seed keywords that will be the foundation of your keyword research.

While creating your list of keywords keep in mind there are various types. Your SEO goals and buyer persona will drive the type of keywords you choose. Check out this list and see which ones fit best with your SEO plan.

Take your list of seed keywords and start using keyword research tools to help you narrow them down. Once you have implemented specific keywords into your content it’s time to analyze your results. Is what you are doing making a difference? Are you gaining more followers, clients, leads? Do you need to search for different keywords and/or do further research?

We have only scratched the surface of keyword research. If you would like to learn more subscribe to our blog for more in-depth information about SEO.

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