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Introduction to Email Marketing and Top Benefits

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a powerful marketing channel and a form of direct and digital marketing. Relationship building and brand awareness are two of the significant objectives of email marketing, and should be considered as goals when working with your customers and leads:

Six main objectives of email marketing:


Emails allow you to consistently put your brand in front of your customers, which is an excellent opportunity to keep them informed. Your customers should always learn something about your company from your emails. It will also be essential for you to gain information about your potential customers and what is important to them.





Convert and drive sales

Email marketing allows a business to do various tasks within one channel. The benefits of email marketing are endless.

Here are 10 of the top benefits of email marketing:

Generate website traffic

Traffic coming from your email marketing can be some of the most valuable traffic you can gain. People who opt-in for your emails are already interested in your brand, so they are further along the buyer's journey than a cold lead.

Increase brand awareness

Re-engage lost customers

Reach customers directly

Increase sales and revenue

Provide a personalized customer experience

Retain more customers

Collect valuable data

Improve team efficiency

Decrease marketing cost

Email marketing is a fantastic avenue to build your business. But you need an email list before moving forward with your marketing goals and receiving the benefits above. Check out our companion piece Email Marketing and Best Practices, to help your business take the first step for your email marketing campaign. If you need help with your campaigns, call MLC at 843.819.0103 or message us through our website.

Email Marketing and Best Practices (1 of 3)

Companion Piece- Introduction to Email Marketing Creating an Email List
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