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Marketing Automation: Choosing the Best Software for Your Business (Blog 4 of 5)

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

What is marketing automation software?

Any software that helps businesses automate and streamline routine marketing efforts, gain new customers, and increase revenue.

Various marketing automation software addresses different issues, and choosing the best option for your business is challenging. Some of the services offered can include:

  • Email Marketing

  • Lead Management

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Advertising

  • Workflow Management

  • CRM updates

When choosing marketing automation software, you should:

  • Determine your budget and business needs

  • Consider the cost and how it aligns with your budget

  • Evaluate the ease of use

  • Explore analytics and reporting options

  • Analyze if the program can integrate with your other software programs

  • Consider the limitations of the software

  • Request a demo from the company

  • Determine if the software can grow with your company

  • Verify software can be integrated with your customer relationship management platform

  • Research if the customer service department can help you when needed

  • Read customer reviews

  • Find out if they offer training for your employees

Ten must-have features of marketing automation software


  • Increases efficiency within your organization

  • Streamlines your sales process

  • Implements a seamless user experience

Lead Management

Email Marketing

Social Media Automation


Usability and Set-up


Building Landing Pages

Analytics and Reporting


Incorporating marketing automation software benefits your business. Many different software choices are available, and it can be overwhelming. Download the companion piece to see some of the more popular options.

If you need help, contact MLC Expert Consulting at 843-819-0103 or message us through our website for more help with your marketing automation needs.

Marketing Automation: Choosing the Best Software for Your Business (Blog 4 of 5)

Choosing Best Automation Software 4 of 5
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