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Email Marketing: Creating a Campaign (Blog 3 of 3)

An email marketing campaign is a series of marketing efforts sent by email to multiple people simultaneously. The main goal of an email campaign is to encourage potential customers to learn more about your business and purchase your product or services.

There are five critical steps to consider when creating a successful email marketing campaign:


Know your target audience and what they would gain from your content so you can set the goals for your email campaign.

Create your email marketing list by:

Write relevant content that is friendly, professional, and personalized. Create an email marketing template for branding consistency that you can use with various campaigns.

Plan your email marketing calendar so you know the start date and a schedule for the triggered emails. Double-check all the details before you start the campaign.

Review, measure, and improve as needed. Tracking your results will help you make the necessary improvements as you proceed with your campaign.

"Nurture" campaigns send informative emails based on potential customers’ behavior as they move through the buyer’s journey.

Email marketing campaigns are essential for your business's digital marketing. However, determining the best campaign for your needs can be challenging. “Drip” and “nurture” campaigns are two complex campaigns that could benefit your marketing needs.

Drip campaigns are a series of automated, personalized emails sent to people over a period of time. The emails “drip” helpful information to the leads over time, moving them toward a purchase.

Nurture campaigns send informative emails based on potential customers’ behavior as they move through the buyer’s journey. These emails are more personalized and triggered by the user’s actions.

Behaviors that may prompt an email include:

  • Visiting your website

  • Reading your blogs and articles

  • Registering for a seminar


  • Time-based

  • Saves time and resources (easier to set up)

  • Guides customers down the sales funnel toward a purchase

  • Each email builds on the one before

  • Focuses on immediate sales


  • Emotionally based and focuses on building relationships

  • Requires more planning because it focuses on long-term goals

  • Provides the customer with the education they need to choose your product

  • Identifies interested leads and shows them relevant offers when they are ready for them

  • Relies heavily on understanding the buyer’s journey

"Drip" and "nurture" campaigns are two complex campaigns that could benefit your marketing needs.

As you create the content for your email campaigns, consider these suggestions:

Create an inviting subject line

  • You want people to open your email, so the subject line needs to draw them into your content

Ensure your emails are short and to the point

  • Your goal is to get people to click through to your site, so offer them only enough to get them to want more

Send only the necessary amount of emails

  • People don’t want to be overwhelmed with tons of emails, so research the standard for your industry

Produce email content that is relevant and appealing

  • Use images wisely and change up the format to keep your emails engaging

Know the best time to send your emails

  • 6am when people wake up and often check their phones

  • 10am when customers check emails at the beginning of their day

  • 2pm when people take breaks

  • 8pm to midnight when people are usually free and might read emails before bed

We have provided you with the basics of creating an email marketing campaign. Now check out the Companion Piece for information about specific types of campaigns. If you need help with your email campaigns, contact MLC Expert Consulting at 843.819.0103 or message us through our website.

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns (Blog 3 of 3)

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns 3 of 3
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