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Understanding the Psychology of Email Marketing (2 of 3)

Email marketing aims to convince people to engage with your brand and purchase your product or service. Understanding your target audience is essential to a successful email marketing campaign.

Marketing psychology anticipates buyer behavior and looks for patterns in humans and how they relate to their purchasing decisions. It helps us understand how peoples’ minds work, how they respond to various marketing elements, and what triggers specific actions.

Various psychological triggers can help influence and guide people. If you want to take your email marketing to the next level, consider utilizing these psychological theories in your emails:

1. Scarcity and the Fear of Missing Out

The definition of scarcity is the state of being in short supply. When people believe a product or service is in short supply, they perceive it as more valuable. Scarcity and unavailability can cause people to experience a fear of missing out. When you utilize scarcity and the fear of missing out, you can evoke an urgent response from the customer.

Ways to execute:

  • Use a limited-time offer: Specify the expiration date and time

  • Show there are limited items in stock: Specify how many products are remaining

2. Reciprocity

3. The Anchoring Effect

4. Social Proof

5. The More Exposure Effect

The more-exposure effect says that people grow a preference for things the more they see them.

When you send consistent emails, you will help familiarize your customers with your business so they will develop a fondness for your brand. Don’t send too many emails but remain consistent in the quality. Include testimonials.

Ways to execute:

  • Send consistent emails to customers to build brand awareness

  • Remain consistent with branding and include your logo in all emails

6. The Picture Superiority Effect

7. The Foot in the Door

8. The Paradox of Choice or Choice Overload (Why Less is Always Better)

For more information on the psychology of email marketing, don’t forget to check out the Understanding the Psychology of Email Marketing companion piece (link to companion piece).

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Understanding the Psychology of Email Marketing (2 of 3)

The Psychology of Email Marketing 2 of 3
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