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Marketing Automation Best Practices and Benefits (Blog 2 of 5)

Last month we introduced marketing automation and focused on marketing automation’s key objectives. Hopefully, you downloaded the companion piece detailing the main features of marketing automation. Now let’s discuss marketing automation best practices and how they can benefit you and your customer.

The customer experience is essential to the buyer’s journey The customer experience is how customers perceive their interaction with your company. These interactions are referred to as touch points; some examples include face-to-face interaction, email, or connections through social media platforms. You can improve the customer experience and grow your business through these touch points.

Your most important goals are showing your potential clients that you know who they are, what they care about, and that you have solutions for their problems. Establishing a consistently positive customer experience throughout the journey is of utmost importance.

Marketing automation is one of the ways you build awareness with your customers and leads, driving them to purchase your products and services. Your marketing challenges will determine how you use marketing automation in your business.

Although there are specific marketing automation strategies that work better than others, here are a few that are best for improving the customer experience:

Integrate automation and your customer relationship management (CRM) system to help personalize the experience

  • Makes customer engagement history easily accessible

  • Allows you to provide a personalized experience

  • Provides your marketing team with time to create the best marketing strategies to gain customers

  • Utilizes A/B testing, allowing you to determine which images and messages perform best and make necessary changes

  • Helps avoid abandoned cart issues, converting more leads to customers

Encourage conversation

  • Enhances customer engagement by listening to them and building meaningful relationships (i.e., create an automated process to seek customer feedback about your products or services, such as a customer satisfaction survey)

  • Collects information to help segment your audience and receive the most relevant feedback

  • Improves the customer experience, increasing trust among your leads

Customize content by segment

  • Targets your content to the needs and pain points of your key market

  • Utilizes different channels to make your content available to potential customers

  • Creates content that is relevant to the products or services you offer

What does marketing automation mean for your business and the customer?

The most significant benefit of marketing automation to your company is generating higher-quality leads. The main benefits for your customers are an improved customer experience and greater trust in your company.

With marketing automation, you can tailor your interaction with the customer throughout their journey. Good marketing automation tools can help you identify your target audience, trigger customer behavior, and create content tailored to your audience. The more personalized the content, the more likely you will convert leads to customers.

But we can’t stop there. Let’s delve deeper into the other benefits of marketing automation.

With marketing automation, you can tailor your interaction with the customer throughout their journey.

Benefits to your company and customer

  • Provide a unique experience for each customer resulting in improved engagement and growing sales

Improve the customer experience

  • Eliminates routine and tedious tasks

  • Allows customers to buy at their own pace

  • Provides quality and consistency throughout the customer experience

Increase productivity and efficiency

  • Reduces staffing costs

  • Decreases repetitive tasks completed by your team

  • Allows your team to work on more critical projects

Give a consistent voice to your brand

Create multi-channel campaign management with all your marketing channels on one platform

Align marketing and sales departments, which will align your company’s goals and efforts

Increase conversion rate by tracking leads and retargeting possible clients

Improve ROI (Return on Investment)

Personalize the marketing strategy

  • Creates marketing efforts to reach your target persona

  • Segments your leads based on behavior and characteristics

  • Utilizes multiple channels (social media, search ads, email campaigns)

Improve lead scoring and notify the sales team when a lead goes from a marketing-qualified to a sales-qualified lead

Make data more accessible, up-to-date, and organized

Allow for accurate reporting of marketing analytics

Help create scalable processes

We hope you understand the benefits marketing automation provides your business and customers. Now let us equip you with the best practices that will benefit your marketing automation program. Download the companion piece to gain insight that will improve your customer experience. Contact MLC Expert Consulting by calling 843.819.0103 or messaging us through our website to discuss how we can further help you.

Marketing Automation Best Practices and Benefits (Blog 2 of 5)

Marketing Automation Benefits Best Practices
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