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SEO: Social Media (Blog 6 of 6)

What is a social media presence? It is the visibility a brand has on social media platforms and the relationship built with the social media community. The goal is to have a solid online presence, which will help build trust with your audience as you grow a direct relationship beyond this marketing channel.

Social media is often the closest contact your business has with potential clients. Building trust with your online audience will increase the chances of them using your services, buying your product, and telling others about their experience.

A social media presence is more than just putting content on your social media platforms. You want to understand your followers’ likes, dislikes, and behaviors. Engaging with your followers more closely by posting questions and quizzes, creating polls, and doing live videos will help grow traffic organically. Create conversations that will gain the attention of your audience.

Managing your community of followers will be a pivotal piece of your social media strategy. Keep yourself visible and stay consistent with your engagement.

Consider these tips when building and managing your social media presence.

  • Use trends to gain the attention of your audience.

  • Pay attention to how your audience responds to your content and adjust as needed.

  • Make sure your social media profiles are optimized.

  • Customize your content/post to fit the platform you are using.

  • Focus on entertaining the audience on your social media platforms and limit the number of ads.

  • Be respectful of events and social issues in your community and mindful of how your audience may perceive your post.

  • Make accessibility a priority. You want everyone to be able to access your content, including those with special needs and people who speak different languages.

  • Take advantage of various analytical tools to help manage your social media presence.

Managing your community of followers will be a pivotal piece of your social media strategy. Keep yourself visible and stay consistent with your engagement.

You may be curious about how a social media presence is related to SEO. Social media does not directly affect SEO but it is the social signals such as shares, likes, and comments that build trust, customer awareness, and loyalty. Social media drives traffic while you wait for SEO to catch up. For instance, increasing your reputation on social media through content about your products/services will lead people to search for your brand. Increasing your brand awareness increases searches and increases your ranking on search engines.

Businesses can benefit significantly from having a social media presence. Listed below are a few of these benefits.

  • It's a great place to conduct keyword research.

  • It allows you to post your content on various search engines. Publishing your content on social media encourages engagement from your potential customers. With more involvement, there are more leads and exposure for your business.

  • It can help you generate new content ideas. For example, looking at the questions and comments on social media platforms can help inspire creative content and new approaches.

  • Social media=increased visibility=more links. The more diverse your links, the more authority you have with Google.

  • SEO helps you learn who your audience is, their feelings, and what they believe, which will help you know what content your audience wants to read.

We have only scratched the surface of social media marketing. Visit our website to learn more about social media platforms and social media messaging. If your business needs help with

social media presence, contact MLC Consulting Experts at 843.819.0103 or contact us through our website.

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